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I am completely shocked at how fast the past three fucking months went. I am utterly amazed that I will be waking up in about 3 hours to finish up any last minute things before getting on a plane at 9:30 AM. I’m fucking moving to New York City tomorrow. A one-way ticket. Finally. But its quite strange how I’ll be calling somewhere else “home” and not seeing my parents for months on end. Its great, but at the same time its sad. I said goodbye to all the places on the main street in my town today. I cried. I drove my car for the last time and jammed out to all my favorite songs while saying goodbye to the state I wish I hadn’t grown up in. (Even though my friends did make it worthwhile.) I didn’t feel the normal Florida heat today, though. It felt…nice. Saying goodbye is no fun, but I’m excited to say good riddance to South Florida. So…here I go.

GOOD RIDDANCE. Its been a great 18 years. I’ll be back. But for now, hello New York.

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I wonder if I can do anything without fucking ruining it.

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hey everyone!! please go follow my new photo blog!


it would be greatly appreciated (:

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I want to go so many places and do so many things. I know I’m almost there but I’m so sick of waiting. there’s a whole world to explore.

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it’s MY body and I’ll do what I want with it.

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officially a high school graduate!!

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babe is home and I am happy

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I want to start my day with you and end my day with you. I also wouldn’t mind seeing you during the day too.

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its 4am and I want to fuck.

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