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my heart aches. I miss you.

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I want to live with you and love with you. I want to wake up with you and make love to you. I want to know what you’re thinking and know what you’re drinking. I want you in the most simple, yet most complicated ways. I want you. All of you.

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I miss you. I miss cuddling with you every night. that’s probably why I can’t fall asleep.

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always the youngest, always being told no.

this is getting so old. 

where the fuck is August?

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my grandparents. posted: February 23rd • 23:22
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I am so fucking sick of laying in my bed alone. I want you to hold me.

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sometimes it’s so difficult and other times it’s just so easy.

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wow how exciting can’t wait to not be answered

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it’s not fair that all these people get to see you all the fucking time and they can touch you and hear your voice and your laugh and see your smile while I get to sit back and watch from one thousand fucking miles away

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touch me

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